“Get Your Groove On With Core Progression Personal Training”

Welcome to the world of good health and eternal happiness with Core Progression Personal Training! Here, we believe sweat, tears, and a good sense of humour are the spices that flavour the stew of fitness success!

Say Goodbye to Boring Workouts

At Core Progression, we think workouts should never be dull, and if you haven’t laughed super hard just once in your session, well, we consider that day incomplete – and we might just tickle you ourselves to meet that quota!

Enjoy the Ultimate Training Experience

Our fun-loving, skilled trainers bring variety to your routine, keeping you on your toes – literally if the workout demands it! We tailor your training experience to be as unique as you, interlacing tough workout sessions with bouts of hearty laughter.

If you’re ready to waist-laugh your way to your dream physique, there’s no better place to be than at Core Progression Personal Training. Come, join us… let’s lose those pounds amidst peals of laughter!