Adding the Fun into Furnaces with Ferran Services

You might not associate home service solutions with laughter, but at Ferran Services, we embrace the unusual.

While we’re a passionate team of experts who take responsibility for the highest levels of quality control, we also enjoy a snigger or two! Firstly, we’re not in denial. Let’s face it – talking about HVACs or plumbing sounds as exciting as watching Paint dry. But that’s because you haven’t tried engaging in a debate about ductwork versus radiant heating at one of our monthly team meetings!

‘On time and within budget’ – Yes, that’s something we uphold. But, ‘Are you updated on the latest season of ‘The Furnace Wars’?’ is also a crucial question you would hear around our corridors! We think we’ve had the last laugh, making a seemingly boring subject a daily exchange of interesting banter. For us, it makes work lively, human, and fun.

Trust us with your service needs because, at Ferran Services, we know our work, but we love laughing just as much. Because, hey, even work should come with a sprinkle of fun now and then!