A Day in the Life at Turner & Schoel: Keeping You Cool In Alabama

For the employees at Turner & Schoel, every day involves a routine that offers an opportunity to create comfort and enhance lives in Northport, AL, Cottondale, AL, Samantha, AL, and Tuscaloosa, AL, through their top-notch AC services. The beauty of their work is in its diversity; one day could be an AC Service day, the next – AC Replacement, and the day after – AC Installation.

7 A.M: The Important Meet & Plan

Our day typically kicks off with a briefing session where the head technician shares the day’s schedules. They could be regular maintenance routines, urgent AC repair calls or a 24-Hour AC Repair for customers who choose to utilize our round-the-clock services. Every duty is taken with equal seriousness because in Alabama’s heat – AC comfort is not a luxury, it’s an essential.

9 A.M: On the Road

Armed with their tools, knowledge, and enthusiasm, our team hits the road in branded vans to bring the comfort back into our customers’ lives. Each AC installation or replacement visit is a chance to connect with the customers personally and understand the best AC solutions for them.

12 P.M: Lunch Hour & Brief Rest

Nobody can function without some fuel! Our team takes a well-deserved break, regroups, and prepares for the next half of the day. The afternoon can be busy with service calls that can come at a moment’s notice, particularly if there are some emergency AC repair situations.

2 P.M: Back to Work

Staying focused and delivering top-notch services is the core of our philosophy at Turner & Schoel. The diversity of tasks – from preventative AC maintenance to urgent repairs and replacements continues right through the afternoon. This variance is what keeps our job interesting and challenging!

5.P.M: End of Day Recap

At the end of the day, a cup of coffee, a recap of the day’s work, sharing stories of the day, and planning for the next day lies at the heart of our wonderful company culture. We believe this is essential as it gives a sense of completion and preparation for more challenges and victories that wait for tomorrow.

We don’t just provide AC services at Turner & Schoel; we build bonds and create comfortable spaces for our customers. Join us for a day and witness how we keep Alabama cool.